What is Android Auto

In this global village, we are using our mobile phones for almost every task. It may include playing favorite music, making calls, get directions for a route, and so on. This is one reason why demand increases to make vehicles more mobile-friendly, which could be seen in the form of Android Auto.

Android Auto takes your mobile and puts the whole interface on your car’s dashboard. It allows you to identify and use apps with large icons, whichever you need. So now, Android Auto is considered an essential feature before purchasing a new car.

The Android Auto is more than an alternative way to control your phone via the car’s dashboard and is considered an easy way to use while driving. The display is designed so that it can be read easily at a glance and integrated with google assistance. Android Auto is known as a standalone app, which means you will use other apps on it quickly. When connected to the compatible versions of car radio, it can be capable of mirroring your phone display to the car radio.


How to connect Android Auto

Connecting Android Auto to your car radio or infotainment system is very easy, but you have to confirm few things before getting started with it. First, you make sure that the android version of your phone must be between 6 to 11; otherwise, it will not work at all.

Second, the Android Auto must be installed on your phone, and the infotainment system should be compatible with the Android Auto. If you have done with all these things, then connecting Android Auto with is a pretty straightforward process; you need to follow the steps given below:

1. Check the internet connection of your mobile phone.

2. Ensure the vehicle is in parking mode.

3. Turn on the vehicle.

4. Turn the phone on.

5. Connect your phone via a USB cable.

6. Accept the terms and conditions for using Android Auto.

7. Follow the prompts on your mobile and grant permission in case of setting up the first time.

8. Select the Android Auto app on your car’s infotainment system and follow the prompts.

Once you performed this process, then next time, you need to plug in the USB cable, and it will automatically connect. If you want to use it without a USB cable, there is a facility to connect Android Auto via Bluetooth.

What can Android Auto do

Android Auto can do almost all the things that can be done through your mobile. The basic idea behind this technology is that using your phone while driving is dangerous and complicated, so Android Auto is helpful while driving.

  • The three-fold functions of Android Auto are as follows:
  • Handsfree calling
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Audio player

However, it can be managed and adjust beyond these functions. For example, google maps are used for getting direction, but Waze integration is also supported. It allows you to customize the display according to your needs. The audio player is very entertaining and providing flexibility to use different apps, including Pandora and Spotify, along with YouTube music and your phone’s local library of songs.

There is a built-in weather card in Android Auto that shows your current locations’ weather conditions, which can help in a long route. It can also support the messaging apps along with skype. When you receive any text from the apps like skype, the Android Auto can read it loudly to avoid any inconvenience while driving.

How to use google assistant with Android Auto

Google assistant is directly integrated with the Android Auto, which means you can access all the information using it without going back from the app. So, for example, if you ask for petrol pumps, then google assistant will out all the nearby pumps on the map without closing the app. And if you already have a route, it will show the nearby petrol pumps in the same way.

Google assistants go beyond the car, and if you have bright lights in your home, you can check them with the help of google assistant to confirm that things are fine comfortable.

How to use apps with Android Auto

Built-in apps are straightforward to use with Android Auto. For example, it may include navigation and parking apps that can make your trip more convenient. To sue an app on Android Auto, you need to download and install the app of your choices like Spotify or Waze, and if these are already installed, you are good to go.

What phones does Android Auto work with

The Android Auto can work with most Android phones; the basic requirement is that Android version 6.0 or newer. As Android Auto does not work with a lollipop, there will be at least version 6.0 for the best performance.

The functionalities and capabilities of your phone will also affect the Android Auto. For example, if your phone is already slow and not working correctly, you might notice performance issues in Android Auto even if your phone’s version is compatible with it.

What cars does Android Auto work with

The compatibility of Android Auto is available from most automakers and manufacturers of car audio and infotainment system. The list grows and changes every year, but Chevrolet, Honda, Kia, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and others typically offer Android Auto in all or some of their vehicles.

And if we talk about the aftermarket side, then head units that are compatible with Android Auto are generally available from the brands like Kenwood, Sony, Panasonic, and Pioneer.


Android Auto is considered an alternative to your android phone which provides the same display on your car’s infotainment system and almost all the features which can be helpful while driving. Android Auto is compatible with Android version 6.0 or the newest. It can make your driving experience convenient and easy and reduce the chances of danger and distraction while driving.