How to make Car Speakers Louder without AMP

Sometimes the sound quality, bass and music of your car speakers is not as much good as you are expected. And if your car speakers are not louder enough then it may make your long journey boring. So, there is a question that how to make car speakers louder without amp. We are here to guide you with easiest steps that you can take to make your car speakers louder enough to enjoy the music.

Ways to make your car speakers louder without an amp

It is generally known that to enhance the sound quality of car speaker the amplifier is necessary that definitely need and investment in it. But there are different ways through which you can get the better sound even without purchasing the amplifier for your car.

Adding a Subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer to your car is a great deal to make car speakers louder enough. Usually it takes the low frequency output from the stereo and delivers the comfortable bass experience to the user.

You can fix them in any area of your car which is vibration-free and then you can enjoy the ever better sound quality. This is one of the great alternative to amplifier and they will provide the noise-free sound without any distortion in the background.

Generally there are two types of subwoofers available in the market namely active and passive. Active subwoofers comes with built-in amplifier while on other hand passive subwoofers required an external amplifier to boost the performance. Another reason to put subwoofer instead of amplifier is that they provide optimal sound quality at lower cost as compared to that of amplifier.

Using  Tweeters

Adding a tweeter to your car is another way to experience the high-quality music. Like subwoofers these are able to produce sound with better bass and volume. They can deliver the high-frequency sound while keeping the bass at optimal level.

These are highly recommended to enhance the bass and volume of your car speakers. And can deliver the distortion-free sound with improved bass. More ever you will experience a new level by adding up a tweeter but usually the result depends on the type of tweeter you are using.

So, it is important to note that you must be careful while choosing an a tweeter to get the noise-free sound.


If you are still worrying about how to make car speakers louder without amp then here is another technique from which you can easily fix the problem and enhance the sound quality. Sometimes it seems that due to design of speakers and the area in which it is installed, it created a vibration effect which result in distorted and unclear sound.

So, damping is a great way to fix this issue very easily by putting some premium quality insulating materials to that part of your car which causes the effect of rattling. Using this technique in home speakers is easier as compared to the car speakers because home speakers are in static position.

Damping parts usually includes the doors, boot space and floor which are enough to get the desired output. For doors, you can easily get the damping material from an accessory shop and they can install them for you within no time. Door dampers are not usually costly so you easily get it in few bucks and good to go.

Besides this there are some gaps between the floor and seats and putting insulating material there is a great way to enhance the sound quality and reduce the effect of distortion. In addition to this your boot space might create the problem in getting the true sound which may be due to luggage or woofers and it is important to dampening that area for better results.


This is another way to enhance the listening experience in your car. In this technique you have to add asphalt sheets to your car specially on inside the front doors to make your car soundproof. It will result in reducing the resonances and enhance the sound quality. So that you can enjoy the distortion-free music at next level with improved bass.

Using of capacitor

Here is another way to enjoy the music with high bass. Sometimes specially when you are listening songs with high bass, it may result in vibrating effect and can also affect the performance of your car.

In this situation capacitors are much needed. Subwoofers in your car need high power while you are listening with high bass and failure of supply the desired power may result in poor performance. Then we can add capacitors with subwoofer to supply the required power when needed. It will not continuously provide it but just at the time when high power is needed.

By using capacitors you can enjoy the high quality sound with high level bass without affecting the performance of the car.

Non-Invasive Accessories

Still confused how to make car speakers louder without amp! This is another best and cost effective option to get rid from noisy and distorted sound. There are some gadgets through which you can control the volume level of your car speaker and woofers. These gadgets are known as non-invasive add-ons.

With the help of this technology we can easily tune the speakers and woofers of car according to our requirement and use of Bluetooth kit can make it easy for us to use it wirelessly. Another advantage of using this technology is that these are very cheap and highly effective. So. Just a few bucks and you are good to go.

While setting up this process keep in your mind that you must know what exactly you are doing. Because any imbalance may lead to the worst sound experience. So, if you don’t have idea about it, you can get some assistance from an expert.

Wires and Connectors

After some reasonable time speakers and woofers start delivering undesired output. Usually people think that it is the fault of speakers or woofers but sometimes it occurs due the wires and connectors.

They may cause the speakers to lower the sound quality as the time passes. Even these wires are coated with material but with passage of time they lose the quality and finally which results in lower sound quality.

So, it is good to have a check on wires and connections frequently and replace the older ones if required.

Audio System Circuit

This is one of the important aspects to deal with. Sometimes the wire connections may cause interruptions for the audio system. And in result the sound quality ma be hamper. So, you must properly check the audio circuit to avoid any negative affect of electrical impedance which may interrupt electrical signals from converting into audio.

Do not Compress Music

To experience high quality sound it must be noticed that you should not compress the music files because it may be the hurdle in best sound quality. It is always recommended that your music files must be compressed at the lowest possible level. In this way you can enjoy the smooth music in long journey.

Always Play High-quality Music

If you have tried all the options for how to make car speakers louder without amp then this can be the solution. Not in all situations but sometimes your sound quality ma also affected by the quality of music you are playing.

You have noticed that you see the formats like 130 kbps or 320 kbps and similar.  So you just need to pick up the music with premium quality. It will definitely helpful in delivering the desired output and uninterrupted sound quality. Mp3 format is fine enough for good sound quality and is also supported by almost all devices so you can choose it as well.

Next time you should make sure that you have top quality music to play so that you can get the premium sound with pleasure.

Setting for Crossover and Phase

Most of the time we neglect the this setting on which the sound quality of speakers depends. Setting the phase of subwoofer and frequency of crossover is bit difficult. But the proper adjustment can lead to the maximum output.

Therefor the subwoofer should be in phase within music system and there is proper adjustment of crossover frequency. In short these can be helpful in delivering crystal clear sound and on other hand any defect in these parts may cause the poor sound quality.


We hope that you found the best ways to know how to make car speakers louder without amp. There are different factors which are responsible for a smooth audio system. You have to look after every aspect including wires, capacitors, subwoofers and the quality of music you are listening.

By doing so you will  be able to get the top-nosh sound quality and classy bass without any interruption. So have a check on all these things frequently to avoid any inconvenience and enjoy the best music of your choice with your loved once.