Do you really need an amp for car speakers?

So do you really need an amplifier for your car speaker? While driving a car, you might have experienced that you crank the knob of the volume to reach maximum level, but still, there is no increase in volume. Or you might have experienced your favorite music with poor sound quality.

Significantly, when windows are open and outside noise of vehicles and wind reduces speakers’ sound. You might probably have also upgraded your speakers but are still unable to get the desired quality.

This is also possible that you installed a subwoofer in the car, but there is no significant difference. So, what should you go for after all this?

Well, no need to worry because we are going to present essential details about the component that can productively resolve all these issues. And that single solution is the use of an amplifier in your car.

Since everyone likes to enjoy audio while driving, sound quality is considerable. But, this element is often overlooked while buying a car because the sound or speakers do not matter considerably for many people.

But keeping in view the need for amplifiers for the rest of people, we are going to explain in this article when you should use an amplifier in the car and its crucial aspects.

When do you need an amplifier?

This is noticeable that head unit in the car already have a small amplifier to empower rear deck, dash and door speakers. Amplifiers are usually in-built by default in the cars. In addition, some premium head units produce a stable and high-quality sound when combined with appropriate speakers. However, they can cause breakdown in sound when turned to high volume.

For many people this is enough to have it without any additional audio component. If you don’t care about the quality of sound and satisfied with the in-built system, then there is no need and reason to buy an amplifier.

For stable louder sound

What about those who want stable loudest sound? So those who want a louder sound with high quality and the way it is intended then you can make a reasonable investment for an amplifier You can consider amplifiers with more channels.

The installed aftermarket speakers can also be derived by the power amp. This does not only improve the quality of sound but also enable to install any speakers of your choice in the car.

Better sound quality

One of the foremost benefits of using Amplifier is the improved sound quality that gives a new dimension to the music. The science behind is that Amplifiers reduce stress over the speakers by giving a smooth power that ends up in better sound quality even if the volume level is down.

For already upgraded speakers

This is noticeable that if you have upgraded your speakers, this may not give you required result because it does not complement the pre-installed factory system of car. Consequently, the quality of sound gets reduced. The better solution is to add an amplifier to upgrade the sound quality.

To avoid sound distortion

How to avoid sound distortion? Well, another reason to use an amp in car is the distortion of sound. Cranking up the volume can cause distortion in the factory setup, especially when car stereos are turned up. Following this, sometimes a distorted sound at average volume can also be felt which reflects that an audio component is required for stability. A high-quality amplifier can overcome all these distortions and produce a stable sound.

For deep bass by subwoofer

Besides, if you are interested in deep bass, you should add an amplifier because more power is needed. Use of an aftermarket amp, a clean power can be obtained that is better than any car stereo. Moreover, if factory stereo system utilizes 100 watts, a significant difference can be noticed if 50 watts peak power from each channel of an outboard amplifier comes out.

In addition, if you have installed a subwoofer in the car, this may deteriorate the sound quality because of the lack of required power to drive it. This power can be provided by an amplifier to boost the subwoofer because there is no other way for that.

Moreover, if head unit does not have connections for subwoofers, then it becomes necessary to use amplifier. Usually, three or five channel amplifier can handle a subwoofer efficiently. However, amplifier is required for subwoofers only. In this case, two channel amplifier can be used, one for the subwoofer and other for the speakers.  

To access additional features

Amplifiers also offer access to equalizers and signal processing without an additional head unit. This also offers the removal or addition of certain channels to the system.

Buyer’s guide (Do you really need an amp for car speakers):

Choosing an amplifier randomly may not provide the desired sound quality. So, it is always better to know about the certain factors for an optimal selection.


Talking about channels, amplifiers have various channels that send the powered signal to the speaker. The power rating is considered as watt per channel. Usually, one channel for one speaker is configured but more than one speaker can also be connected in some of the amplifiers. This depends on the target speaker to either use subwoofer or external speakers etc. So, the specifications of your speaker can be very useful in this regard.


The wiring in the audio system is also considerable that is overlooked or done in a neglected way. This is significant because a poor wiring can deteriorate the whole system and consequently reduce the sound quality. Therefore, it is crucial to have a sound knowledge of wiring.

In this regard, good quality cables including but not limited to coaxial cables, connectors for good connection, and branded jacks are good options. Moreover, the wiring should be isolated from the electric and magnetic systems of car to keep it save. Proper routing can resolve this issue.


Another factor is the power that is needed to drive speakers. The power used by an amplifier is often mentioned close to the input. For an efficient amp, it should put out more than 70% of the RMS value of speakers that are originally installed in the car.


In case of deterioration in speakers, it is better to use a pre-amplifier besides an amplifier. This will refine the sound up to great extent.


All the aforementioned details about the need of amplifier and its crucial aspects to consider during purchase show that their addition in setup can be beneficial for head units as well as for speakers. It can improve sound quality and overcome distortion to provide a louder sound without any breakdowns.


keeping in view all the benefits, it can be concluded that everything is needed to revamp if better sound quality is desired unless the speakers and head units have not been upgraded. In other case, a suitable amplifier is needed to add with existing audio setup.

However, this is also recommended that for best sound, amplifiers, head units and speakers should be chosen to work altogether. This will give a clear and crisp sound during your drive.