Can You use Electrical Wire for Car Speakers?

Yes, a regular electric wire can be used instead of speaker cable if carries the same configuration, construction and gauge measurements. As an electric wire can give similar audio results or even better results than your car speaker wire.

So many people, looking for the answer, come across this debate on different forms that electric wires can give better results than a regular car speaker wire.

Well, if you didn’t get any answer, here is a complete guide. Continue reading this article and you will get a detailed answer regarding this. Here in this article, we will investigate this topic deeply answering these questions.

Is There any Difference between Electric Wire and Speaker Wire?

Before moving towards further explanation, one must know that what’s actually the difference between car speaker wire and electric wire for better understanding. So talking about the difference, it’s very interesting to know that they appear similar but they’re also different. Got confused?? Let me explain a bit more about this contradiction.

Electric Wires Vs Speaker Wires

Electric wires have multiple functions which allow them to share similar functions with speaker cables. So, when you buy a standard electric wire and compare it to speaker cable, you may not notice any difference between them. So apparently there is no any difference between Electrical wire and speaker wire.

However, Speaker wires are stranded and mainly handle low voltage current.

On the other hand, electric wires are available in stranded and solid forms but they are designed for high voltage current.

As both speaker cables and electric wires are used for electrical connections (electric or mechanic signals) so they can be used interchangeably. You can even use electric wires to link your amplifier to the speakers. 

In this article, we’ll investigate similarities and differences between speaker wires and electric wires as well their functions.

Similarities and differences between speaker wires and electric wires

This is often troubling to decide that can an electric wire be preferred to use for speakers or not. So, it is answered that there are some downsides of using these wires for speakers but as they are worthwhile, they can be used simply.

In this context, there includes the advantages of good sound effects as well as flexible sound effects along with other sound controls.

Keeping in view the specificity risks, the speaker wires are easier to use as they do not have this risk. However, the electric wires contain this risk that limits their use.

Therefore, speaker wires can be used simply. Moreover, electric wires differ from speaker wires in certain ways such as varying voltage ratings, unlike gauge and conducting material of wire.

 These differences affect the application as well. This is signified by the fact that the wire which is used in USB cable contains a gauge that cannot carry the electrical signals of audio setup because of lacking thick gauge.

Following this, another difference is about the configuration or bundling of both electric and car speaker wires. In this wake, this is observable that speaker wires have a varying configuration that is in stranded form and electric wires usually have solid structure that is not stranded.  

Reason Behind Preferring An Electric Wire For Car Speakers

However, this is important to determine the reason behind preferring an electric wire for car speakers in place of car speaker wires. In this view, following concerns can be valuable.

In this context, there are numerous reasons for replacing in-built or preinstalled car speaker wires. The foremost objective is to improve the quality of speakers. In the light of improving quality, this is evident that cars having speaker wires with low quality tend to get replaced by the alternatives which overcome these shortcomings.

Consequently, the sound quality gets improved and sound is more clearer and softer.
Furthermore, if you are interested in using DIY tricks and want to play and experiment for the sake of getting best audio quality, you can certainly use the concerned wires. 

Along with the significance of electric wires, this is the time to know about the considerations while choosing an electric wire.

Buying Guide:

There are several factors of concern that can make your selection appropriate and worth money. So, the electric wire that is not valued as the car speaker wire, following aspects are significant.   

In this wake, you should preferably consider the material that is a good conductor. Therefore, the copper wires and silver wires are the best selection which offers good conductivity.

They assist the signals provided by an amplifier to reach to the speaker very smoothly without excessive power lost. About sound quality, there is no compromise over that and its integrity can be preserved. Moreover, these wires are also economical and easily available.

What if you have a low budget?

However, if you have a lower budget, you can go with a copper wire and in other case you can simply switch to the silver wires. This preference is on the basis of resistivity. Silver wires have less resistivity which make their conductivity better than any other wire.

The other factor is related to the gauge. This is recommended that electric wires having less resistivity and outspread length can be used and they are usually, 12-14 gauge wires that are thicker.

On the other hand, if thinner wires have to be used, they may have higher impedance and shorter length. 16-18 gauge electric wires come in this category.


Considering all these factors it can be said that always make sure that the wire you use doesn’t compromise performance. So it  can be concluded that electric wires are more specified than speaker wires. This specification makes you to prefer speaker wires instead of electric wires.