Best 4×10 Speakers

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If you’re looking for a car audio upgrade that will give your music a boost, purchasing the best 4×10 speakers may be a good investment.

These speakers are perfect for enhancing the sound quality in your car and can provide you with a sounding experience that’s sure to impress. Plus, they’re usually less expensive than larger speakers, so you can get a great sound without breaking the bank.

Choosing the best 4×10 speakers can be a daunting task. There are so many great options on the market, and it can be hard to know which ones are the best for your needs.

In this article, we are going to list 8 of the best 4×10 car speakers out there! So read up to find the perfect set for your ride. And don’t forget, have fun with it!

Our Recommendations:

KICKER 47KSC41004 KS Series

Pyle PLG41.3 Car Three Way Speaker System

BOSS Audio Systems CH4330 Car Speakers

  • Loud Sound & Good bass

  • Crisp and Clear Highs

  • Easy to install

  • Good built-in-quality

  • Good Bass

  • Loud & Clear Sound

  • Easy to install

  • Clear Highs

  • Cheap

  • Huge upgrade over the OE speakers

  • Crisp & Clear Sound

  • Good Built Quality

  • Deep mid bass

1.KICKER 47KSC41004 KS Series Best 4×10 speakers

Kicker KS Series low-profile 4×10″ coaxial speakers with good bass is designed to replace your factory speakers and give you excellent performance at an affordable price.

The KICKER 47KSC41004 KS-Series low profile coaxial car speakers are made from high-quality components, and it has a strong structure.

It has a compact design that can be installed in a tight space and is easily hidden. It also has a long lifespan. It delivers crisp and clean sound. It includes all of the connections you need. This car audio speaker system is great for any home or vehicle audio application. Some of its main product features are explained below:

best 4x10 speakers

Durable rubber sounds 

KICKER 4X 10 inch low profile factory replacement coaxial car speakers feature rubber domes that deliver powerful, deep bass sounds. These speakers are built to withstand daily use and offer long life.

Polypropylene cones

Kicker KS47KSC41004 4×10″ factory replacement car audio coaxial speakers with polypropylene cones are the perfect speaker for upgrading your vehicle’s factory sound system.

They provide crisp highs, deep bass, and a powerful sound with minimal distortion at all volume levels.

 Neodymium tweeter magnet

The 4×10 low profile speaker system is built with a 4-way design, dual tweeter magnets woofer with neodymium magnet and rubber surrounds, providing strong bass.

The car speaker is designed to provide a crisp sound with a clean high frequency performance.

Frequency response and sensitivity

With a frequency response of 40Hz to 22kHz with a sensitivity rating of 90 dB, these KS Series speakers offer exceptional sound for your car stereo.

The high sensitivity speakers offer a clear sound and crisp sound without distortion and noise interference.

Power and Impedance

The Kicker 47KS Series 4-inch coaxial speakers are designed to deliver the high-quality sound that you expect from the most trusted brand. The KS-SC41004 has 15 to 75 watts of recommended (RMS) power.

What we like

  • They sound great.
  • Built-in quality is good
  • Decent bass

What we don’t like

  • None

2.Pyle PLG41.3 Car Three Way Speaker System

The Pyle Car Three-Way Speaker System is designed for high-end performance in small spaces. With two woofers in a vertical configuration, these speakers are perfect for use in compact cars. The best in sound quality speaker is designed to provide crisp sound with clean highs and smooth mids and lows.

Pyle Car speaker system is designed to meet OEM specifications. You can install this in your car to achieve a professional and powerful sound system. Pyle Car speaker is designed to play loud and clear.

A 4×10 inch full-range speaker system that offers exceptional quality and performance for the budget.

The included speakers have been designed for a wide variety of applications and can be used for both rear and front mounting in vehicles. It is the ultimate way to upgrade the sound of your vehicle and is easy to install.

best 4x10 speakers

Poly-injected cone

The Poly-Injected Cone (PIC) is a new technology developed by Pyle that enhances voice-coil efficiency. With the PIC, more power can be transferred to the coil which in turn generates a more efficient transfer of power to the speaker diaphragm.

The resulting lower distortion yields a superior sound image with rich deep bass and a crisp, clear midrange. The speakers are also constructed of durable poly-injected cones and durable black plastic and metal surround.

Neodymium dome tweeter

This Pyle speaker features a neodymium tweeter that delivers high-performance audio without distortion or breakup. The 3-way system is designed to fit in virtually any installation including most vehicles and comes with four 10-inch speakers and a subwoofer for full bass.

Frequency response and sensitivity

 With a frequency response of 60-22KHz and sensitivity of 94dB @ 2.4 volts and is built with a reinforced, butyl rubber surround. The Pyle Car Three-Way Speaker System provides you with an incredible sound experience. And the unique neodymium dome tweeter delivers precise and powerful sound.

Power and Impedance

The Pyle PLG41.3 best 4×10 speakers is designed with 150W RMS/300W peak power output, providing strong performance throughout the entire frequency range.

The4x10 inch full-range speaker system provides a nominal impedance (4 ohms). This pro speaker system with a 45-ounce magnet structure will bring your vehicle to life with amazing sound.

What we like:

  • Great Sound
  • Great Highs
  • Cheap

What we don’t like:

  • Little bass
  • You may face difficulty during installation

3.BOSS Audio Systems CH4330 Car Speakers 4 x 10 Inch

The BOSS Audio Systems CH4330 car speakers are 4 x 10-inch speakers with good bass designed for use in compact vehicles.

These speakers are designed to provide clean, deep bass for a comfortable listening experience. The high-end response provides excellent clarity and definition.

 The CH4330 is a compact, powerful speaker system from the renowned audio company BOSS. They are one of the best 4×10 car speakers

The CH4330 includes four 10-inch high-performance speakers, one subwoofer, and two tweeters for a complete, balanced audio experience.

You get a rich, clean sound with incredible detail and clarity from the full, flat response at all frequencies. This system is ideal for car enthusiasts with big music tastes.

best 4x10 speakers

 Polyurethane Cone

The CH4330 is designed with a lightweight, polyurethane cone that helps minimize resonances.

This innovative cone has superior stiffness and resonance absorption characteristics, making it the perfect choice for a premium sound experience.

The 4-channel design ensures crisp and powerful bass sound from all directions and the integrated mounting tabs make it easy to install.

Piezoelectric Tweeter

These speakers provide clear and powerful sound. With their Piezoelectric Tweeter, the speakers deliver crisp highs and crystal-clear lows. The soft dome material reduces resonances inside the dome and offers superior control for accurate response

Frequency response and sensitivity

The BOSS CH4330 series 4 x 10 Car Speakers have been designed for maximum power output and durability.

It is built from high quality, heavy-duty materials that are designed to withstand years of continuous use.

With a frequency response of 100 Hz to 18 kHz and a nominal sensitivity of 90 dB @ 1 W/1 m, this system will deliver excellent sound for your vehicle’s audio system.

Power and Impedance

The BOSS CH4330 series 4 x 10 is designed with 400 Watts MAX 200 Watts RMS Power Handling per Pair and impedance rating of 4 ohms.

What we like:

What we don’t like

  • None in this price range you can’t get better speakers than this

4.Kenwood KFC-415C

Kenwood KFC-415C 4×10-inch 160W two-way custom fit car audio speakers in a pack of 2, providing maximum performance for all vehicles. Built-in high-quality amplification ensures that the KFC-415C will perform with utmost precision and quality

The Kenwood KFC-415C offers a clear, high-fidelity sound with full bass and great mid-range reproduction. It provides high-end audio sound in a compact, stylish package.

The Kenwood KFC-415C features the latest Bluetooth technology. This is perfect for your portable device so you can connect your favorite music player to it easily.

best 4x10 speakers

Injection-molded Polypropylene Cone

The Kenwood KFC-415C four-inch custom-fit car speakers feature high performance and excellent bass for a wide range of vehicles.

In addition, the durable injection-molded polypropylene cone offers superior clarity, and the polypropylene housing is lightweight for ease of installation.

The lightweight polypropylene design provides high-quality, crystal-clear sound and the custom-fit, the black metal grille is made to match your vehicle’s interior design.

Polyamide balanced dome tweeter

This custom-fit car speaker features a high-quality polyamide dome tweeter that is perfect for high-quality performance. The KFC-415C speaker also features a sturdy polypropylene cone, which ensures high-quality performance, and the included dual-band remote with built-in speaker-level controls allows for easy operation and customization.

Frequency response and sensitivity

This compact and lightweight speaker provides crisp sound for the entire frequency range from 50Hz – 25kHz and is ideal for any car application from OEM or aftermarket. With its frequency response of 50Hz – 25kHz and sensitivity of 91 dB/W at 1m, it will deliver exceptional clarity to your vehicle’s factory or aftermarket stereo system.

Power and Impedance

The 4×10” custom-fit speakers provide a nominal impedance (4 ohms) and have a maximum power handling of 160 watts(40 RMS W) per channel. The maximum power handling ensures that you will be able to hear your music and listen to your favourite radio stations through the entire range of the speaker.

5.CERWIN-Vega Mobile H7410 HED(R) Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers 4 x 10 

Cerwin-Vega’s H7410 HED(R) Series 2-way coaxial speakers have an array of features to provide outstanding performance that no other speaker manufacturer can match. They have a powerful 5 watt 2 channel amplifier, 1.75 inches aluminium cone voice coil, dual voice coils, passive radiators, and a wide dispersion horn.

 H7410 Series 2-way speakers are a great way to add a touch of premium class to your vehicle. With two high-frequency drivers, these speakers bring out a full range of high frequencies. If you’re looking for the best car speakers with bass, these are the best choice.

Stamped-steel vented-airflow basket frames

CERWIN-Vega Mobile H7410 HED(R) Series speakers are designed with a vented-airflow basket frame to offer high acoustic performance and optimal heat dissipation.

The speakers are equipped with high-quality materials, including durable stamped-steel baskets, a rigid core, a low-mass diaphragm, and a soft surround. They are capable of delivering crisp highs and tight bass responses to provide an enjoyable listening experience.

 Graphite-injected reinforced spun cone

The CERWIN-Vega Mobile H7410 speakers feature a new high-performance graphite injection process, which yields speakers with better dynamic range, high SPL and a more natural sound. This graphite injection process creates a sound quality that is more natural than any other brand.

Balanced dome tweeter

 The CERWIN-Vega H7410 speaker system is an ideal upgrade for any vehicle’s factory OEM system. This speaker delivers crisp highs and rich, deep bass for your music experience to come alive.

The H7410 Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers are built with a durable, heavy-duty aluminum frame, and a reinforced polymer woofer cone to provide a powerful sound performance.

In addition, the high-frequency dome tweeters are also made with a PEI (Poly Ethylene Insulator) material, which delivers crisp sound at high frequencies, while reducing resonances inside the dome.

 Frequency response and sensitivity

Designed with a lightweight frame and a high-purity aluminium dome tweeter, the H7410 series speakers are the ideal choice for your vehicle. They feature a frequency response of 35Hz – 20kHz and a nominal sensitivity of 90 dB, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Power and Impedance

The CERWIN-Vega series speakers feature high quality, rugged construction, a 4-ohm impedance, and powerful 320 Watts max.

6.Pioneer TS-A4103 4 x 10 2-way Car Speakers (Pair)

This 4×10 car speaker is designed to offer powerful performance and full-range sound. The TS-A4103 delivers a dynamic, natural sound. The speakers are designed for high performance, offering exceptional low-frequency extension, excellent midrange clarity, and rich, deep bass response.

Pioneer’s TS-A4103 speakers are 4 x 10 speakers with good bass that are suitable for many different types of vehicles. These are great entry-level speakers that provide a lot of bang for the buck. The TS-A4103 speakers can also be used with a subwoofer to create an awesome system that will give you high-quality sound without breaking the bank.

Injection Molded Polypropylene Cone

 The Pioneer TS-A4103 four 10-2-way speakers for cars are built with injection-moulded polypropylene cones that are UV resistant and water-resistant, which helps to increase their lifespan and performance.

With their injection molded polypropylene cones, these speakers are durable and have been tested to withstand vibrations for a long time.

Paper cone tweeter

This is a pair of 2-way speakers in a single box. It features a paper cone tweeter that has high-quality drivers and a woofer that provides deep bass performance with low power consumption.

With high-end audio characteristics, this pair of speakers provide premium sound quality with great bass for your vehicle. This type of tweeter is known for its high efficiency and excellent clarity.

These speakers are designed to deliver powerful bass and crisp highs with ease. The paper cone is also built to provide a smooth and deep bass sound without over-loading the voice coil.

High-energy strontium magnets

The Pioneer TS-A4103 high-energy strontium magnets work in combination with the durable rubber surround and aluminium woofer cone for superior performance and durability. With high-energy strontium magnets, the speakers offer more strength and durability to withstand daily wear and tear.

Frequency response and sensitivity

The Pioneer TS-A4103 is designed to deliver clear, accurate sound for your vehicle stereo system with a sensitivity rating of 91db. The speakers feature a frequency response of 38 Hz to 23,000Hz.

Power and Impedance

The TS-A4103 speaker system features a 120W max (35W nominal) maximum power output for a powerful sound without overdriving your car’s electrical system. The TS-A4103 pair includes a 4-ohm impedance for better response and quality sound.

7.Memphis Audio PRX410 Power Reference

Memphis Audio PRX410 Power Reference 4×10 Inch 2 Way Coaxial Car Speaker System delivers all the high-performance power you need to have a superior stereo in your car, truck or SUV.

This speaker is built for the ultimate in high-end performance, but its attractive appearance makes it ideal for any interior. Its rugged design also makes it perfect for the harshest road conditions.

A power-referenced speaker system that has the versatility to handle almost any audio source in a vehicle. The 4.1-channel system provides an ideal audio experience with a wide frequency range. The 4-inch woofers provide great mid-range output, with a full-range design that will fill your car with quality sound.

PEI dome tweeter

It features a PEI dome tweeter for outstanding clarity and detail. This system is designed for factory stock systems, or for aftermarket applications as well.

With its compact size and high-performance PEI dome tweeters, the PRX410 is the ideal addition to your car stereo system. This speaker system is engineered with premium-quality materials and designed to last.

Polyuerthane surround

The PRX410 comes equipped with polyurethane surrounds to provide a rich, warm sound without distortion. These speakers are designed with a high-grade polypropylene cone that provides a powerful output that is sure to fill your vehicle with sound.

Frequency response and sensitivity

This car speaker system offers a sensitivity rating of 89 that allows your vehicle’s factory stereo to provide crystal clear sound. With a frequency response of 55Hz – 20kHz, this car speaker system offers the incredible sound quality that is ideal for your vehicle’s stock or aftermarket stereo.

 Power and Impedance

Powerful, yet affordable, the Memphis Audio PRX410 is a 4-way Coaxial Speaker System built with high power and impedance to produce crisp, accurate sound quality. With a power rating of peak 100 watts with 50 watt RMS power and impedance of 4 ohms.

8.Planet Audio TRQ413 4 x 10 Inch Car Speakers 3 Way, Sold in Pairs

The Planet Audio TRQ413 4 x 10-inch car speakers are great choices for those who want affordable, high-quality speakers for a compact car stereo or CD player. These small-sized car speakers have clear, crisp sound, which is ideal for music listening.

The Planet Audio TRQ 413 Series 4×10” Car speakers are designed for any vehicle with 4-12 inch front opening. With this product you are getting premium speakers that will perform in any vehicle. These are the only car speakers with built-in subwoofers. The Planet Audio TRQ series car speakers offer a solid performance at a reasonable price.

 Polypropylene Cone

This series features a polypropylene cone for enhanced bass response and clarity with a smooth midrange and highs, and are designed to work in sealed and ported applications. Planet Audio’s TRQ413 4×10 Car Speaker offers great sound at a low price. This car speaker features a lightweight polypropylene cone that minimizes vibrations and resonance.

Dome tweeters

The TRQ413 is a 4 x 10 car speaker system that features four 1.0″ titanium dome tweeters and a 4-inch dome subwoofer to provide high performance and a clear, clean sound for you and your passengers. The dome tweeters produce crisp highs and deep, rich bass that will impress every listener. They are perfect for your vehicle’s factory or aftermarket stereo system.

Frequency response and sensitivity

The TRQ413 speakers are designed to provide clean, balanced audio without distortion. They feature a frequency range from 70Hz – 20KHz and a Sensitivity of 86 dB @ 1 W/1 m.

 Power and Impedance best 4×10 speakers

With power and impedance ratings of 4 Ohms and 400 Watts MAX 200 Watts RMS Power Handling per Pair respectively, these best 4×10 speakers are engineered to work perfectly with any amplifier or pre-amplifier.

Their bi-amp capability allows for greater total output to drive multiple speakers at once. The bi-amp feature also ensures the speakers will play even when your car is not running.

Comparison Table for Best 4×10 Car Speakers:

Best 4x10 Speakers


Sensitivity (dB)


Frequency Response


Kenwood KFC-415C

160 watts peak power

91 dB

4 ohms

50Hz – 25kHz

Polyamide balanced dome tweeter

KICKER 47KSC41004 KS Series

75 watts peak power

90 dB

4 ohms

40Hz to 22kHz

Neodymium tweeter magnet

Pyle PLG41.3

300 Watts peak power


4 ohms


Neodymium dome tweeter

BOSS Audio Systems CH4330

400 Watts peak power

90 dB

4 ohms

100 Hz to 18 kHz

Piezoelectric Tweeter

CERWIN-Vega Mobile H7410 HED(R) Series

320 Watts peak power

90 dB

4 ohms

35Hz – 20kHz

Balanced dome tweeter

Pioneer TS-A4103

120 Watts peak power


4 ohms

38 Hz to 23,000Hz

Paper cone tweeter

Memphis Audio PRX410

100 watts peak power

89 dB

4 ohms

55Hz – 20kHz

PEI dome tweeter

Planet Audio TRQ413

400 Watts peak power

86 dB

4 Ohms

70Hz – 20KHz

Dome tweeter

Things to consider when buying the best 4×10 car speakers

When it comes to car audio, you want quality and performance. That’s where 4 10 speakers come in. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best 4×10 car speakers for your vehicle:

  1. Size and Configuration. First, decide the size and configuration of your speakers. Do you need full-range speakers? tweeters? subwoofers? All of these will affect the size and configuration of your 4 10 car speaker system.
  2. Sound Quality Preferences. Next, determine what kind of sound quality you want. Do you want high-quality stereo sound with strong bass response? Or do you just want a basic system that can fill in the gaps when your music player isn’t available?
  3. Vehicle Compatibility. Finally, make sure your 4 10 car speakers will fit in your vehicle properly.
  4. The type of car you’re installing them in
  5. The size of the speaker(s)
  6. How much wattage you need for your system
  7. Your budget
  8. Your preference for sound quality